Product Development

Whether you are looking to create a customised solution for your customers or partners, your own own-label offering or be the first to market with a new product – Icefresh Foods expertise can deliver.
Our unique, integrated approach to product development helps to solve the flavour and functionality challenges you face in creating or sourcing consumer-preferred ice cream, frozen desserts, chilled desserts or frozen party food.

Market trends and UK government targets show that we are all looking for healthier products, but consumers don’t want to sacrifice the indulgence factor.  Consumers want no trans fats, reduced sugar and clean labelled ingredients – but still want the rich, decadent taste of a frozen or chilled treat.  Icefresh Foods will track emerging trends, interpret them and provide you with information to shape your product development.

  • Ice Cream
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Ice Cream Substitutes, such as Iced Desserts and Frozen Yoghurts
  • Chilled Desserts
  • Party Foods

New products are a combination of a little bit science and a little bit art.  The skills are developed over time and with experience.

We develop products within the following general guidelines or philosophy:

Great Taste

We concentrate on developing this aspect as the forefront of product development because without this, products will surely fail with the consumer.


Most of our products will include ingredient components exclusive to your requirement so that it protects the product from easy duplication

Cost effective formulation

Your price point is a primary concern during product development and we strive to ensure we meet your expectations.

Reliable Processing

We only use the Principals that we feel can deliver on your requirements and deadline

Excellent packaging

We work with packaging professionals to bring you good looking packages with high impact and maximum product protection. A review of all new packaging options for products is always presented.

Shelf life

Often overlooked, time must be built in to every product development schedule for appropriate shelf life testing to assure product success.